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Toll Plaza Flyer Distribution

Flyers Distribution at Toll Plazas

How Effective Is This?

1. As we all know, flyer distribution is one of the most cost-effective means to disseminate marketing & sales information over a wide geographic area, hence the nick-name, "carpet bombing" marketing;
2. Distributing your flyers at the toll plaza takes your marketing campaign to another level. Firstly, it is personal. Your flyers are delivered personally, hand-to-hand, to all your potential clients at the respective toll plazas as they queue up to pay their toll. Therefore, the hit rate with your potential customers is practically at 100%;
3. Unlike a typical flyer distribution campaign where the flyers may be restricted to a particular geographic region or location, flyers distributed at a toll plaza travel far & wide as the drivers can be heading towards any destination. Thus, this form of flyer distribution is most suitable for marketers looking at a state-wide or nation-wide marketing solutions;
4. Because the flyers are distributed in a hand-to-hand manner, there's practically no wastage of your flyers;
5. Due to the high volume of traffic flow along these toll roads, up to 10,000 pieces of flyers can be distributed within 2 hours, reaching out to a wide spread of customers across the board. A sustained marketing campaign over a few days could do even more.

Flyers Distribution at Toll Plaza

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