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Flyer Distribution

Flyers Distribution

ANNOUNCEMENT: SBS Prints Sdn. Bhd. is pleased to announce that the company is offering its customers an additional service - GPS tracking - for their flyers distribution jobs. With GPS tracking, customers can verify that their flyers are distributed within the agreed time-frame & the specified locations. Click HERE to see for yourself or contact us for more information about this great service

These are the reasons why we are your best flyers distribution solution provider.

1. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified & a fully registered company.
2. We are the one & only distribution company in Malaysia to be awarded the "Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand" by Global Business Magazine.
3. We are a one-stop shop for your flyers. We can print & distribute your flyers - all under one package.
4. We are able to undertake & execute any flyers distribution job within 24 hours.
5. Our teams consist of full-time uniformed staff members. We do not employ any illegal immigrants at all.
6. Rest assured that there will be no illegal disposal of your flyers. We will reprint & redistribute your flyers free of charge should this happen.
7. We are 100% trustworthy. We have a track record of more than 10 years (since 2003).
8. We allow & accept field checking & spot checking.
9. We are the preferred flyers distribution company for financial institutions, real estate developers, telcos, restaurant chains, education & children development centers & hypermarket chains.
10. Hand to hand distribution: e.g., shopping malls, commercial complexes, LRT stations.
11. Mail drop / hand drop / door to door: e.g., housing estate, industrial zones, commercial complexes.
12. We have a client base of more than satisfied 5,000 clients.
13. We are open & accessible. Do come & talk to us.

Feel free to download our latest flyer distribution area list HERE

Please check out our Picture Gallery for examples of our work.
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